Let's go straight to my screen here. I saw someone ask about if “Shark Tank” endorsed Keto Breeze Gummies and if there were any reviews an...

Keto Breeze Gummies 'Shark Tank' Scam and Reviews, Explained

Keto Breeze Gummies 'Shark Tank' Scam and Reviews, Explained

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Let's go straight to my screen here. I saw someone ask about if “Shark Tank” endorsed Keto Breeze Gummies and if there were any reviews and if it was a scam or legit, as Google users often want to know, and so I wanted to make a quick video about my findings. Right off the top, no, the cast of “Shark Tank” has never endorsed any keto gummies or CBD gummies products, nor has Oprah Winfrey. Scammers, likely from China and India, have for years used the image and likeness of celebrities without their permission to sell CBD and keto products, and also the company names like Keto Breeze without their authorization, all to run their scam.

If we search Google for nothing other than the words Keto Breeze with or without the word Gummies, results include “Shark Tank” and reviews, and other search terms including the word “scam,” which has appeared before.

Now, you might be asking why people are searching for Keto Breeze Gummies with the “Shark Tank” name and reviews, too. This is because scammers create fake news articles that act as if the cast of “Shark Tank” endorsed various keto and CBD products. They copy the website design from big-name news organizations and TV shows like “The Today Show,” ABC, Us Weekly, CNN, Fox News, etc. They copy the way their articles look and publish articles on websites setup by scammers in order to fool people into thinking they’re on that news organization’s website. However, instead of being on foxnews.com or cnn.com, they’re on fox-news-website.cc or cnn-news.in, website addresses that resemble their genuine counterparts, but in reality are made by scammers.

So again, a Keto Breeze Gummies scam is going around where scammers are pretending “Shark Tank” endorsed the product and I didn’t talk about this specifically but they’re also publishing sponsored content articles and calling them reviews for Keto Breeze Gummies, which are being published on websites like Outlook India and others, all to clog Google search results with the scam.

I hope you got something out of this video. I’m making all of these videos on my own time on nights and weekends to help people. There’s just not enough time during the day to publish reporting about all of the scams out there, so I am spending my free time to help people out, so please click the Like button, the thumbs up button, and that will tell Google and YouTube my video has some value, and maybe then it’ll rank highly, and therefore someone might be able to receive help before being scammed by this scam or any other out there online.

Feel free to share your story in the comments below if you fell victim to this scam or any other scam. Also, if you’re considering taking any sort of medicinal product, I strongly advise you first ask your doctor about it. Finally, in general, and this is in regards to all online scams, always remember this: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Thanks so much for watching.

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