The Shark Tank gummies story scam that's been going around for CBD gummies and keto ACV gummies is something you do not want to get involved in on web...

'Shark Tank' Gummies: Scam or Legit? (2024)

'Shark Tank' Gummies: Scam or Legit? (2024)

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The Shark Tank gummies story scam that's been going around for CBD gummies and keto ACV gummies is something you do not want to get involved in on websites for Amazon or Walmart. Do not order any gummies products on Amazon or Walmart that use the words Shark or Tank in the product name. There are so many fake reviews out there. Those products are not legit in any way. It's all fake. It's not real. These are snake oil scams meant to extract monthly subscription fees from you, all by showing you fake reviews. Do Shark Tank gummies work? No. They aren't real. It's all a scam. The show's cast never invested in anything involving for dementia-reversing gummies, COPD gummies, gummies for blood vessels or vascular cleansing, keto ACV weight loss gummies, pain-reduction gummies, tinnitus gummies, diabetes gummies, hair loss gummies, gummies for ED, smoking addiction gummies or lung cancer gummies. Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, Daymond John, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjavec have never, ever endorsed any gummies or provided reviews for them.


What Are Shark Tank Gummies?

This is not a real product. The TV show Shark Tank never endorsed any gummies for anything. Scammers are using the credibility of the show to try to fool people into purchasing CBD gummies and keto ACV gummies and are making snake-oil claims about what the products can supposedly do for people.

Do CBD and Keto ACV Gummies Work?

CBD gummies from some legitimate CBD companies apparently have some purposes, such as reducing anxiety. I, personally, haven't tried any gummies. As for keto ACV gummies, those products seem like nothing more than candy. You are not going to lose weight with gummies with no diet or exercise.

Who Is Running These Shark Tank Gummies Scams?

All signs point to there being people who are in the U.S. who are ultimately behind these scams. According to information I received, people in the U.S. work with other people overseas to do the scam marketing and advertising, which makes it look like it's all coming from foreign countries.

Is There a Shark Tank Gummies Episode?

No. No such episode exists. People named Anna and Samantha Martin did not bring gummies in front of the investors on Shark Tank. Rebecca and Katie Khalife also didn't do anything with gummies and Shark Tank, nor did Christopher and Michael Williams. These names are appearing in scammy articles with pictures of people who appeared on Shark Tank with products that had nothing to do with gummies.

But I Saw an Article that Said Shark Tank Gummies Are Real!

That was a scam article that was designed to look professional. The design of famous news publisher was stolen for that scam article that you saw. Had you looked up at your address bar, you would have seen that you were on a website with a strange name.

How Do These Shark Tank Gummies Scams Work?

Scammy ads (and search results) on Google, Facebook, Instagram and next to articles on websites lead people to fake articles that look like official articles from big publishers like USA Today, CBS News, etc. However, these articles were created by scammers who stole the design of those websites and copied that stolen design over to a scam website. The articles act like Shark Tank endorsed CBD or keto ACV gummies. They also sometimes mention other celebrity names. Links in the article lead to a product purchase page for CBD or keto gummies. If purchased, these products come with monthly subscription charges of hundreds of dollars per month. Also, return addresses are sometimes apparently fake. Phone numbers are hard to find for customer service and support. All of this is a huge scam.

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Key Moments:
0:00 Shark Tank Gummies Scam
0:37 Shark Tank Gummies for Smoking Addiction and COPD
1:26 Kevin O'Leary AI Scam Ad
3:00 Mark Cuban AI Scam Ad
3:30 Rebecca and Katie Khalife on Shark Tank
4:59 Full Body CBD Gummies
5:57 Searching Google for Shark Tank Gummies
6:47 Scammy YouTube Affiliate-Marketing Videos
8:15 Scammy Search Results
9:09 Christopher and Michael Williams on Shark Tank
10:20 Shark Tank Gummies on Amazon and Walmart
11:04 How You Can Help Partially Defeat the Scams

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